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Windsurfing is hot this summer!

Following on the success of our very own Owen Waters 100 mile tour of the Islands on the HIHO event 09, windsurfing is a winner! Owen whipped a 35 minutes race to Anegada placing second and then battled with 50 other racers on various legs across the famous tour Over a six day competition. Placing first in the BVI , tenth in overall class and fifth in division a sun burnt smiling Owen said , “ It’s a seesaw event, I do well- someone doesn’t and then I crash and another whips me. You get up and go, it’s an incredible challenge and you just keep your fire on- like learning to windsurf!” Speaking of which , Windsurfing for beginners is every Thursday at Island Surf and Sail at Nanny Cay. Price is reasonable at $20 per hour and there are races for the competitively edged.

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