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Water's Edge

Sharing Your Pool  –  Sharing good times with our best friends and family are moments that make our life worth so much.  How much and what you want to share are up to you.  However, are you ready to share your piece of paradise with others, and is your piece of paradise ready to be shared? The luxury and security of having a private pool do not have to stop once you have decided to share your water with others. While community pools may conjure up memories of the stench of chlorine-bleached (and sometimes green) hair after a summer of fun in the sun, a private pool will give you the chance to control the quality of your water. 

So, when you decide to share that water with your friends you know that the water will remain just so, and there is nothing as refreshing as jumping into crystal clean, fresh water on a hot summer’s day.


But wait!  What if you wanted to share your house by renting or trading?  You want to know that the water will be fine when you return, whether it’s in a week or a year.  Of course, while regular maintenance is a requirement, today’s technology can make the experience more reassuring.  From salt chlorine generators and ozone injections to chemical readouts of your pool available live via the internet, it’s easy to keep a tab on your pool, so to speak.

Whilst on the subject of sharing your water, perhaps we should take a careful look at your pool and its surroundings–safety, after all, is paramount when it comes to sharing your home with known or paying guests. Let’s look at possible hazards:  Is the deck slippery or perhaps too rough?  What about the steps and benches: are they visible?  How’s the lighting, and what does it look like at night?  Let’s face it: you want your guest to have unencumbered fun and not be worried about safety and enjoyment issues when you’re not there.  The right amount of sun and shade makes your property attractive to a wider clientele.  Of course, the fact that there is a pool typically makes your home the one that’s most attractive to the prospective renter.

Many older pools could benefit from some renovation and modernization.  There are certain standards that need to be adhered to.  While there are many codes and guidelines to go by,  a large dose of common sense and the right amount of good care will allow your piece of the rock to be shared safely and passionately by many for years.  If you’re thinking of buying an existing rental property, chances are that all safety and enjoyment items are already in place.  If you’re interested in upgrading or renovating your new pied á terre, call a pool consultant and ask for a review of the plans and how you can further enhance the enjoyment of your backyard.

Remember, safety is a major concern when you mix fun in the sun with wet decks and sunscreen, water and electrics, open views with shear drop-offs, sharp edges and suction fittings.  While fencing off every pool in the world will not reduce accidents as much as responsible (parental) supervision, there are many common-sense approaches to safe fun and enjoyment of your waterscape.  

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