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Trim Your Deck

I find too many amazing houses with stunning decks just fall short. Why go to all that expense of a house and finish it with a flop? I have seen properties and stood on the wooden decks, enjoying the sunset, then placed my hand on the railing which shook and rattled when any sort of pressure was applied. I wondered in disbelief that the homeowners would use a plastic, painted railing on a wooden deck. Not only is it unattractive, but it is also unsafe.

On a boat, stainless steel is your best friend. It’s there for several reasons—durability, finish and a hardy style. Moreover, the climate we live in favors reliable structures that do not wither in humidity and sunshine, let alone wind and rain and then heat straight after. So stainless is perfect for outdoor spaces in the home as well. In particular, a wood deck sharpened by a stainless steel railing compliments both.

When Mike Masters designed and installed the railings at Falcon’s Nest on Peter Island, a few things happened: he won Project of the Year from his supplier, he put the finishing touches on a multimillion dollar, intensively polished mansion and he made a bloody good railing. He finished the railings with a wood top to soften the effect. He also went quietly about answering the word of mouth recommendations to other houses throughout the islands, augmenting decks with his railing design and product. Believe me, quality product does matter. If you don’t think so, then the plastic railing will do, but expect a lot of rattling and shaking and scratching of heads.

Photo by yachtshotsbvi.com

As Mike told me when we talked about the railings at Peter Island, it isn’t rocket science. What it is though is a certain wisp of style that is extremely subtle as if to say – built to last, stylish and practical. The key concepts of building. If you do recognize Nautool’s style wherever you go, consider the alternatives and then consider the right choice. Great views can be found all over the island, and for me, I don’t want to frame mine in plastic, neither does a multimillion dollar vacation home. Do justice to your beautiful home and your lifestyle by paying attention to the finishing touches. 

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