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The Future of Carrot Bay

Tuesday, October 26– Options for future development and road networking possibilities were outlined for Carrot Bay when Town and Country Planning officials met with residents to devise a development plan for that community.

The meeting, held at the Abraham Leonard Community Centre last Thursday, was conducted as an interactive working session among community members, development professionals and government officials.

Chief Planner in the Town and Country Planning Department Mrs. Marva Titley-Smith said, “We want to make certain that the development of Carrot Bay continues to respect the character of the area and we want to ensure that when the roads and the hillsides are developed, they are done in such a way that does not spoil the bay.”

The chief planner explained that rather than tell residents how Carrot Bay should be developed the department was more interested in listening to the residents’ views. “We are here to get your feedback and your input as to what you as a community would like to see for Carrot Bay,” she told the meeting.

Attendees were grouped into seven teams to focus on specific areas. With assistance from development professionals, they created design concepts and recommendations for different areas such as Little Carrot Bay, the festival village, the fisherman area, the Isabella Morris Primary School, the community centre and the continuation of the ridge road.

Following the working session representatives from each group presented on their specific area. Proposals from the community included a new fisherman’s ramp, the creation of a promenade, additional parking and restroom facilities.

Other recommendations were the establishment of nature trails, a study to address drainage concerns and if needed, reclamation which would follow the contours of the land.

The chief planner called the meeting a success as the community was able to
“design, sketch, and present their ideas for the development of the Carrot Bay area for 2010 and beyond.”


The meeting is one in a series spearheaded by the planning authority to gather input on the way forward for the Carrot Bay area. On October 14, Town and Country Planning officials held a meeting with professionals where almost 30 engineers, architects, surveyors, draftspersons, planners and project managers discussed the issues facing development in Carrot Bay.

At that meeting Planning and Environmental Consultant with L Potter and Associates Mr. Louis Potter made two presentations on design challenges and suggestions for the area. The development professionals then shared their feedback which included total concept planning that will incorporate placement for infrastructure, eliminate steep zig-zag roads, control surface water, use and preserve right of ways and use good planning to find the best placement for various physical and infrastructural developments.

Once the draft development plan is prepared persons will have an opportunity to review it before the Planning Authority forwards it to the Premier for adoption and Cabinet’s approval.

Individuals who would like to share their views about the future development of Carrot Bay are encouraged to contact the Town and Country Planning Department via email: [email protected] or visit the department located in the West Atrium on the ground floor of the Central Administration Building.

The Town and Country Planning Department operates under the umbrella of the Premier’s Office and is responsible for ensuring the orderly and progressive development of land in the Virgin Islands.

The Planning Authority is responsible for guiding development through the preparation of development plans and the processing of applications for development permission.

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