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Testing the waters

Today, each and every hue of that sunset colour can be replicated by your home´s lights; and especially by your landscape lighting.  Technology has brought us vibrant colours to further enhance the beauty of our already luscious gardens. From a single bright white pool light, we now can temper and set the lighting to suit your mood; or even have it interact with the music that you´re playing in the fore- or background.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have been around for some time but now have the power to flash brighter and longer than their yesteryear counterparts. These little sources of light lend themselves very well to underwater applications as they require little or no cooling, consume a lot less electricity and are very low voltage. This means ‘safe´; there´s no 120V wire running into your pool touting all the possible dangers one associates with electricity and water. For complete environment light control, LED lights work well when integrating of pool and landscape lights. Same or opposing colours can be programmed by the user and the results can be superb, altering the whole perspective of your back yard.

Whilst moving water will blend colours and create shimmers and reflections in the pool, pool lights also give us security at night – a safety factor not to be overlooked.  At times however, you may just want to switch your pool lights off and light your landscape alone to highlight trees and emphasise structures and boulders, letting the pool water add its own magic by reflecting your light creations. More dramatic effects can be created by adding some natural light in the form of open fire. The glowing tones and unpredictable flame patterns will literally warm up your lighting plan. From Tiki torches and fire places to completely automated gas fire bowls, the reflections they create across water are unparalleled for beauty. The daytime swimming pool becomes an evening playground with a magical appeal. Light and the reflections we create with it have truly made our days not only longer but have added a new dimension to the night…

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