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Team INTAC Clean Sweeps the Heineken Regatta
VI sailors slam the St Maarten Seas

Mark Plaxton and the INTAC team have been making a name for themselves over the past few months—this time more notably on water than in the global investment arena.  Since March, Plaxton’s Melges 32, crewed by a varied combination of star-studded racers on Team INTAC, have dominated some of the most prestigious regattas in the region.  From St Maarten and more recently throughout the US and British Virgin Islands, the team has been virtually flawless on the water.


Perhaps the most impressive and most notable victory came first, when the team came through with a clean sweep in March’s St Maarten Heineken Regatta, the 2011 Commodores Cup, and the Budget Marine International Match Race.  The crew posted first place wins an impressive 21 consecutive times, a string of 1s INTAC main trimmer Anthony Koutan said, “looked like a picket fence.”  In the Heineken Regatta, Team INTAC won best boat in the Spinnaker Racing Class, Best Overall Performance (day 1), and the highest honours of the Best Performing Boat Overall—out of 190 boats competing in the regatta.  International competitors ranged from greats hailing from Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, Latin America and our neighbours throughout the Caribbean.
An extraordinary team sailing on an equally extraordinary vessel may have led in victory—but ask Plaxton, the team’s captain, what made this event special for him, and he’ll talk about the victory’s international implication for the BVI and its prided sailing community.  
“What an incredible experience for the whole team,” he said of the crew, made up of USVI and BVI greats, including America’s Cup legend Peter Holmberg. “This year really showed that hard work and dedication paid off.  It’s great for a boat from the British Virgin Islands to go up against the toughest sailors from around the world and come out on top.  It’s a proud moment for our islands and BVI racing.”
Plaxton, INTAC’s chairman and chief investment officer in the workplace, said he took the same valuable portfolio-building skills from his investment career that have made the global private wealth management firm’s investment performance track record a notable outperformer and incorporated these into high end yacht racing. Over the past 17 years, INTAC GlobalInvestments, a leading global private wealth management firm, has achieved double the investment returns of the world’s major equity indices and with less than half the risk.  Plaxton said their dominating performances on the water are an equal representation of the firm’s stellar investment returns provided to its clients both on an absolute and relative basis.  President Tim Vermuelen echoed the chairman’s sentiments during an interview shortly following the Heineken Regatta.
“We are very happy with the results the INTAC Racing Team has brought home, which match those of the INTAC Investment Team and our global private wealth management firm, and the INTAC Investment Team really appreciates the work they have done to promote the British Virgin Islands and our company in the international sporting world,” Vermuelen said. “We will continue to sponsor yacht racing as it only brings us positive publicity and excellent responses for our advertising dollars.”  


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