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Steele Point

Revitalising Steele Point

The luxurious Steele Point Estate on Tortola’s Westernmost side doesn’t need much introduction, nor does it need help standing out from the rocky peninsula with which it seems to have become one.
Built by architect Michael Helm more than 30 years ago, the private and secluded villa sanctuary has thrived on a wealth of return visitors, who prefer its timeless appeal. So when property manager Natalie Powell sought to refurbish Steele Point Estate’s Gestatlt Villa, she was careful not to venture too far from the clean and simple style that complements its famous open-air Mediterranean architecture.


Natalie confided in Arawak’s Roy Keegan, who suggested she choose a soft and natural theme, best highlighted by teak woods and light and airy complimentary colours. Roy suggested Natalie take advantage of the wide selection of teak wood furnishings available in stock at the Arawak warehouse in Road Reef Plaza. It was an easy sell, she said, since the furnishings were exactly what she was looking for, easily accessible and reasonably priced.
The four Gestalt bedrooms previously were painted in typical Caribbean blue and yellow hues, but have since been brushed white and beige. She chose light teak wood shades for three bedrooms and a darker pitch for the fourth, which is susceptible to the most sunlight. The ample sunlight that illuminates the rooms and the lush tropical gardens that border their balconies act to refresh rooms’ interiors. It seems that less is more in a place that benefits so obviously from its surroundings.
We took a walk to the main room at Steele Point, where the doors do not exist, and the property is left at one with its natural surroundings. Here, Natalie tells me, she’s looking forward to continuing to refurbish the property, calling on Arawak once again to bring a synthetic series of furnishings—furnishings strong enough to stand up to the strongest of elements.

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