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Steel as an Upgrade

There are some elements of housing that we would perhaps consider a priority over others, notably architectural design and structure.

When given that a property may remain in the same structural state for years without contemplating major changes, it is good to know that a considerable aesthetic and practical development can significantly increase the value of a property. Whilst many will consider a kitchen makeover or paint, very few will consider a staircase refit or railing upgrade.

Mike Masters of Nautool considers his work as a single element in overall structural design of buildings. When each client approaches the concept of staircases or railings, like any other design business, it begins with the drawing board and an inspiration morphed with practicality. As we have written before, stainless steel has one of the most enduring qualities for the BVI, given that the foremost variable of damage is actually the weather that we enjoy—sun and wind. Given some rain and the potential threat of hurricanes, each component of a property ought to be constructed with longevity and practicality in mind. As we reported in our April issue, one of the more positive attributes of using steel is that it is a product that does not really allow for wastage, as every inch is used or reusable. Add to that 30 years of experience, and the signature of Nautool can be seen on various projects in the BVI, from the airport to the Government administration building as well as many private homes.

Certainly the vogue of colonial furniture in the past or postmodern colonial design has been the attributes of teak and mahogany and then their replacement woods, emulated in the same fashion but as is often the case now imported from other regions where the wood can be found and thankfully often recycled. To which stainless, as an implemented structure, is unlikely to become a product that is going to need renewing or have a short shelf life in the tropics. As an alternative substitute or a qualified aesthetic upgrade, it serves as the very essence in the nature of steel as an industrial component, built to last.

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