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Peebles Hospital expansion – The BVI Government is taking steps to ensure that the Territory’s main hospital facility (Peebles Hospital) is developed to provide top quality treatment in a comfortable environment for patients. Towards accomplishing their goal, Premier Ralph O'Neal announced that his Cabinet have taken a decision to renew the contract for Mr. Bennett Smith as Project Engineer for major projects within the Ministry of Health and Social Development which includes the Hospital project. His contract has been renewed for one year, with effect from 1 September, 2007.


  • Among his duties Mr. Smith will:
  1. Review budget estimates and cost for all major projects within the Ministry of Health and Social Development;
  2. Provide assistance to the ministry in the administration of major projects and with the preparation and review of tender documents as may be necessary;
  3. And oversee the implementation of the terms of contract for each major project and advise the Minister, in a timely manner, of any serious breaches in or impediments to the implementation of such contracts.
  4. The BVI Government reports that work on the new hospital has been progressing with the construction of walls within the basement area of the facility.

To date the contractors have begun to lay the concrete slabs over the basement area for the hospital. Workmen have already installed the structural steel through the third floor for about 30 percent of the area. The most recent estimates are that 60 percent of the necessary retaining walls have been completed on the project. Government states at this time that 20 percent of the hospital project is now completed.
Road Town Rodent Control Campaign to Begin
Officers from several government agencies are joining forces in leading a campaign to curb and ultimately reduce the rat population particularly in the Road Town area, and is seeking public support and input.
The RODCO RT (rodko) Campaign – short for Road Town Rodent Control Campaign, is being led by the Environmental Health Division in collaboration with the Office of the City Manager under the slogan, “Bait out, Starve out, Kill out”. Other agencies involved include the BVI Tourist Board, Solid Waste Department and the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

As part of the RODCO campaign, the Environmental Health Division will be placing a number of baiting stations around Road Town filled with rat poison. Chief Environmental Health Officer Carnel Smith says it is important that persons refrain from moving or tampering with the baiting stations so that the eradication process can move forward unhindered.

“These eight or ten-inch square units will be labeled with the code ENVH and numbered in yellow fluorescent paint. They would be baited, and strategically placed around Road Town. We are asking that they not be touched, moved or removed from their locations. The baiting stations provide not only a way to substantially reduce the rat population but they provide needed data on the rat infestation in any given area,” Mr. Smith said.

Public education on diseases carried by rats and mice, ways to reduce the rat population, the proper trash disposal, keeping clean drains and ghuts and the transportation of goods from Port Purcell to Road Town is also part of the campaign.

Common to the BVI, the Norway rat or brown rat is known to carry a number of diseases deadly to humans including leptospirosis which is usually transmitted through its urine. Traces of urine can be found on canned goods, grocery shelves, in storage facilities, offices and near food establishments. Look out!

Sources:  Government Information Services. Nov 2007


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