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Sol Y Sombra

Between a Rock and a Sandy Beach 

Soft sand and volcanic boulders skirt Sol y Sombra’s dramatic shores among which the luxurious vacation property seems to become one with its elements.

Most Mondays, I can think of no better place to be than relaxing on a secluded beach with one extra day to rejuvenate before a full week of work. On a random Monday in March, I was allowed to do just that—at one of the most beautiful seascapes on the planet—along the shores of Little Trunk Bay in Virgin Gorda.   


Nestled safely above the shoreline of Little Trunk Bay stands an immaculate five-villa luxury vacation property I’d often noticed during day sails from Tortola to The Baths—but I never before thought I’d actually visit. However, with the perks of my job as a property reviewer also comes the benefit of exploring the BVI’s most sought-after treasures.
Sol y Sombra, or sun and shade as it translates from Spanish, was the name given to the luxurious retreat that seems to monopolize some of Virgin Gorda’s most beautiful and tucked-away beaches, including The Baths, Spring Bay and Valley Trunk Bay. When I arrived at the secluded vacation property in the early afternoon, I was truly taken aback by its unspoiled beauty, one that allows the seaside property to integrate with its surroundings. The villas, designed about five years ago by BVI architect Jon Osman, are literally built into the gigantic volcanic boulders that give Virgin Gorda its unique appeal and widespread notoriety.
Property manager Bernadette George guided me through the lush, tropical trails connecting the villas, great room, tennis court and pool area. The property sports a subtle Asian theme with several areas adorned with antique Oriental pieces. Beautifully carved wooden gates from Thailand welcome guests at the front of the property and allow for beach access at the rear.
Bernadette explained that the layout of the property was specifically designed to allow for both individual privacy and functional group fun.
“I find more guests requesting this layout,” she told me, “yet there is still the tennis suite for young families so children can be near their parents.”
Indeed, the luxury retreat is set up to cater to the individual needs of its guests. Amenities range from the tennis and basketball court to the interior gym—and watersports equipment and a home theatre system are maintained at the highest standard, she explained.
“Really, no expense is spared, so guests know they are enjoying the best of everything, from the time an inquiry for availability comes to me, through the planning of their stay—renting vehicles or chartering a boat … guests are treated as though they are our only guests ever.”     

Bernadette continued my tour around the property, showing me through the individual rooms’ interiors. It appeared obvious that no expense was spared, not only in the unique design in the landscape-inclusive architecture, but also with each room’s individual amenities. Plush silk linens coat the beds’ comfy mattresses; flat screen TVs equipped with satellite receivers and DVD players fit each room; and superior appliances and furniture match the villa’s exquisite style.
As the tour progressed, Bernadette took me past the infinity pool, across the neatly manicured garden and out to two Thai gates leading to either Valley Trunk Bay to the right or Little Trunk Bay to the left. We chose the right door first, along a path that revealed a breathtaking view of Tortola, Beef Island and Fallen Jerusalem. We continued through immaculate boulders, strewn about by random acts of nature, which we ducked through in order to pass. Eventually, the novice-level trail revealed the soft white sand beaches of Valley Trunk Bay.
Back to the main property, the other door opened to a path that led directly to a private patch of Little Trunk Bay beachfront. The beach extends to the impressive dividing boulders that separate it from neighbouring Spring Bay and The Baths. It’s a view worth soaking up, but one I decided better left diving into.
According to Bernadette, I was not alone in my love for the sea and Virgin Gorda’s awe-inspiring natural beauty—it’s the draw for most of their repeat clients.
“For them, this end of Virgin Gorda encompasses what the island is really about—the gigantic boulders and dramatic seascape,” she said. “They will not stay at any other property because they love the boulders, caves, snorkelling among the rocks.”
As our tour of the property ended, I couldn’t help but take advantage of the beautiful weather and my immaculate surroundings. I perched myself at a bird’s eye view of Little Trunk Bay and watched as the sun began to dip and the shadows from the tall boulders cast upon the Sol y Sombra landscape. For me, outside of the office and among nature’s beauty, I couldn’t imagine a better setting for a random Monday in March.



For more info contact:
Bernadette George

t (284)442.2118
e [email protected]
w www.smithsgore.com/www.solysombrabvi.com

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