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Sir Olva Georges Honoured

Thursday, April 15–The ceremony will be held on Sunday, April 18 at 3 p.m. at the Sir Olva Georges Plaza and will reiterate Government’s commitment to honour and pay tribute to persons who contributed to the overall development of the Territory.

Government is encouraging the public to be a part of the Territory’s history and give their full support as they host a ceremony in honour of late Sir James Olva Georges, a major contributor to the development of the Territory.

Permanent Secretary in the Premier’s Office Ms. Rosalie Adams encourages residents to unite in support of the local accomplishments by Sir James Olva Georges and the legacy he left behind.

“It is so important that we continue to highlight our local heroes, the persons who have served our country well. It is in such a spirit that we now honour the memory of Sir James Olva Georges and I believe that every BVIslander ought to be justly proud,” Mrs. Adams said.

She further encouraged persons to support the unveiling, “I invite you to come out and give your full support to this unveiling so that we may have information to share with our children, and our children’s children about persons who dedicated their lives to the building up of this Territory, often in a voluntary manner,” the Permanent Secretary stated.

At the ceremony, remarks will be delivered by Governor David Pearey, Premier Ralph T. O’Neal, OBE and a family member of the late Sir James Olva Georges. A highlight will be the unveiling of the monument by the niece of Sir James Olva Georges.

Government remains committed to honouring persons who made momentous contributions to the overall development of the Territory.

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