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Shoreside Review

D' Best Cup  –  Could be, I think as I sip coffee with Phillip Fenty, one of the proud owners of the coffee shops in Road Town and Trellis Bay. Whenever I grab a coffee in Road Town, it always takes me a while to figure out which flavour I want, and no matter what I ultimately decide, it goes down as the right choice.

Thing is, I haven’t really studied it before, and I have been drinking a ton of coffee lately—gallons of different blends and beans. That doesn’t make me a coffee expert; it makes me someone who likes a good cup of java. At Trellis, Phillip and I tuck into the breakfast roll—it’s light and has everything I would expect for breakfast, all on a light, toasted roll. The breeze is up as I sip the mocchaccino, probably my favourite, and this is a damn good cup of coffee or the experience of it.  

Whilst I am there, some boaters orders six different types of coffee and tell me it’s part of their BVI routine, like a favourite painkiller, these guys need D’ Best Cup fix before they leave Trellis. Why not?

The view of Trellis Bay from D' Best Cup. Photos by Owen Waters.

Phillip tells me that consistency is the key. He uses one bean from one coffee house from Chicago, and his friend who is a true coffee expert put him onto it. He has been in the BVI for over thirty years now, and the idea for the coffee store came from his wife’s hairdressing salon. “She got so fed up of making cups of coffee for customers and I was getting out of the financial sector. She told me that someone should open a coffee store by the salon; people love coffee.” So that is how it started, a simple need created out of a desire for a good cup, and Phillip then researched the coffee industry to make sure the venture would work.

D' Best Cup's massive breakfast sandwich.

D’Best Cup now has three locations: Road Town, West End and Trellis Bay. Trellis serves breakfast and lunch.  Patrons can call their orders in and hang out most of the day, enjoying the lime or checking out the rest of Trellis. With complete bar, delicious food and Phillip’s chatter, I can see why the place is popular.  Also, the nibbles. I ate all the mini chocolate doughnuts—I mean they are mini, so there shouldn’t be a problem eating half a dozen. Nothing wrong with a little indulgence for breakfast.  
Trellis Bay   284 495 0259
Road Town 284 446 2211
West End   284 545 8015
[email protected]

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