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‘SEAS’ the Fun

A yacht is the ultimate luxury toy. But sometimes even the most impressive bells and whistles on a custom build can become mundane. When boredom sets in, it’s time to look to the marketplace for novel ideas to revitalize the fun! Take a look at our list of trending yacht toys of 2018!

The Hula-Hoop – The original hula-hooping craze swept the world in the 1950s. In fact, the famous plastic toy became so popular that it was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1999! Although not typically thought of as a “boat toy,” per se, the hula-hoop has proven itself to be a fun addition to several yacht toy collections in recent years. Children enjoy playing with the hoops on deck, while older kids and grown ups might try hooping atop a paddleboard for added nautical fun! There are even weighted hoops designed to increase flexibility, improve coordination and rhythm, and give you a fantastic (and fun!) cardio workout.

The Mermaid Tail – If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand (or maybe foot?) at the art of “mermaiding,” slip into a monofin suit designed to easily propel its wearer through the water. Tail designs are as numerous as the sequins that often decorate these wearable toys, and can be as traditional (think little mermaid) or whimsical (think superhero) as you’d like.


The Motorized Surfboard / Jet Surf – Some folks enjoy the intensity of the paddle out to a break. Others—not so much. For them, the motorized surfboard is just the ticket to provide a superb surfing experience without the hassle of waiting out the perfect wave. Boards range in style, target ability, and cost. From leisurely longboards to high-tech racing boards capable of achieving speeds of up to 48 kilometers per hour, everyone is sure to find something they like. Some companies even sell customizable boards, a perfect choice if you enjoy decking out your yacht with toys to match its strong personality.

Foil Boards – The hydrofoil surfboard works by following the same principles that cause an airplane to lift into the sky. Like a plane, the foilboard has two wings that extend below the board into the water. As the board moves through the water, it creates lift – just like an airplane – and glides across the surface of the water. By reducing friction, foilboards are capable of reaching higher speeds than traditional surfboards!

Inflatables – Forget outdated poolside inflatables. Designers have created a new generation of luxury inflatables specifically designed for super yachts. Try a custom inflatable climbing wall for a fitness challenge, or a floating playground to entertain kids and adults alike. For those who crave a little more competition, a water jousting inflatable can provide a lively contest on the water. If you’d like to work on your golf swing at sea, try a floating golf game with multiple greens that can be anchored at various distances from your yacht. You can even practice with eco-friendly golf balls that disintegrate into fish food in the water!

Traveling by yacht should excite and entertain. You may not think it’s possible to enjoy yourself even more on board, but with these trending toys, your next yacht trip will be one you’ll remember!

Lauren Hodgins
Lauren is a crewed yacht charter broker based on St. Thomas, USVI. Working in the industry since 2004 and sailing over 8,000 nautical miles to date, Lauren now heads Caribbean Yachts International. www.CYIcharters.com
Lauren Hodgins

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