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Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

This map shows the tracks of all the Tropical Cyclones in the North Atlantic Ocean that were retired due to their impact. It uses the colour scheme from the Saffir-Simpson scale:




Category 5

Wind Speed ≥156 mph
Storm Surge >18 ft

Category 4

Wind Speed 131–155 mph
Storm Surge 13–18 ft

Category 3

Wind Speed 111–130 mph
Storm Surge 9–12 ft

Category 2

Wind Speed 96–110 mph
Storm Surge 6–8 ft

Category 1

Wind Speed 74–95 mph
Storm Surge 4–5 ft

Additional classifications


Tropical storm

Wind Speed 39–73 mph
Storm Surge 0–3 ft

Tropical depression

Wind Speed 0–38 mph
Storm Surge 0ft


Created using the WPTC track map generator.

Background image from Image:Whole_world_-_land_and_oceans.jpg (NASA).

Tracking data from the National Hurricane Center.

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