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Public Works to Improve Roads

Wednesday, April 7 “I am very happy to know that PWD executes a project such as this, as it addresses the key complaints made by motorists,” Minister for Communications and Works Honourable Julian Fraser RA Hon. Fraser said. “I am especially happy to see that mirrors are being erected at critical points and guard rails are being outfitted with reflectors; simple things that could be a life saver”, Hon. Fraser added. The minister also expressed his satisfaction with the project and noted that these simple things can ultimately save lives. – The Ministry of Communications and Works through the Public Works Department (PWD) continues to improve public roads on Tortola as part of Government’s infrastructural and road safety programme.


The project which is carried out annually seeks to improve road safety by addressing a number of concerns that motorists face while using the public roads.

“My team and I have been working over the last few months on marking the roads, installing reflectors on the guard rails and erecting traffic signage and mirrors at critical intersections; all of these things are important as we seek to enhance the overall safety of motorists,” Project Manager Mr. Elridge Gumbs explained.

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the public roadways
and ensuring a safe, practical, efficient and environmentally sound infrastructure which is well designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with recognised codes and standards.

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