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Planning Authority Pockwood Pond Meeting

Monday, July 19 – The Planning Authority is inviting persons interested in sharing their views on the proposed ‘Garage Sales and Services’ development at Pockwood Pond to submit comments in writing to the Planning Authority by Thursday, July 22.This call came after the Planning Authority held a public meeting with developers Truck and Equipment Sales and Services (TESS) Thursday evening at the Valerie O. Thomas Community Centre requesting feedback on the application.

Deputy Chairman of the Planning Authority Mr. Edmund Maduro chaired the evening’s proceedings and said that the Authority “has a responsibility to ensure that development takes place in an orderly manner and as such all stakeholders must be represented.”

Chief Planner Mrs. Marva Titley-Smith welcomed persons to the meeting and presented an overview of the meeting and what they hoped to achieve.

Mrs. Titley-Smith informed residents that the development application for the ‘Garage Sales and Services’ is at the review stage and that the Authority has not made any decision on the matter.

“Under the Physical Planning Act 2004 there was a requirement for the development to be advertised in a local newspaper and that was done. Based on feedback received from residents the Authority found it necessary to have the developers present the application to the public to give persons an opportunity to weigh in on the matter,” Mrs. Titley Smith said.

Business partners Mr. Jorge Gomez-Gracia and Mrs. Etta Pemberton made presentations on behalf of TESS, which is the factory authorized dealer for CASE equipment and Mack Trucks for the Territory, the United States Virgin Islands and Anguilla. Architect Ed DeCastro also identified the proposed area on a map and outlined how the development will be situated.

The directors stated that they plan to offer authorised parts, sales, services and factory warranties in the Territory for the products they represent in addition to jobs for local persons.

Following the developer’s presentation, vocal Pockwood Pond residents expressed concerns about the location of the proposed development. Major objections surrounded the close proximity to the residential area and concerns about flooding in the area.


The Planning Authority has agreed to extend the time for public comments an additional seven days from the date of the meeting. Written comments should be submitted by Thursday, July 22 and addressed to the Chairman of the Planning Authority, c/o Town and Country Planning Department, P.O. Box 834, Road Town, Tortola VG1110, British Virgin Islands. Alternatively, persons can send an email to [email protected].

The Town & Country Planning Department (TCPD) operates under the umbrella of the Premier’s Office and is responsible for ensuring the orderly and progressive development of land in the Virgin Islands. The Planning Authority is responsible for development regulation through the processing of applications for development permission.

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