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Old Government House Plan

Monday, July 26 – The Old Government House Museum Strategic Plan 2010-2014 was officially launched last week at a ceremony at the museum. His Excellency the Governor, Mr. David Pearey in delivering his remarks said, “In developing an institute of this importance it is important to have a plan of action to see where the institution is going in the future. This document represents a useful picture and vision of where we would like the museum to go in the coming years.”

The Governor added, “I see this strategic plan as more than just preserving and enhancing a vulnerable old building. It is about recognising in my view the importance of the history and culture of the Territory as we look forward with confidence to the future. Unless we understand our links to the many great achievement of the past we have become in essence a very hollow society without a soul or for that matter without a future.”

The Governor paid tribute to the members of the Museum Board and to the volunteers. “Without the members and volunteers we would not survive as an institution. As a result of the hard work much has been achieved in the seven years of its existence,” he said.

Director of Culture, Mrs. Luce Hodge Smith congratulated the Old Government House Museum Board for a job well done. She shared, “In trying to achieve your objectives as outlined in your five year strategic plan, you will come across some challenges. I encourage you to not give up and continue to press on.”

The Mission of the Old Government House Museum is to showcase the history and culture of the Virgin Islands as portrayed in this historic Residence of British Representatives of the Crown from the 17th Century, through research, exhibits, preservation, education and entertainment initiatives.

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