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Oil Nut Bay

Oil Nut Bay Resort possesses one treasure that no other resort in the BVI does: Oil Nut Bay itself. The swimming area of Oil Nut Bay is not just another shoreside alcove in the BVI with a few yards of shallow water that gradually deepen to the sea. Though the Bay does contain deep waters, a large portion of its reef-protected area is more like a wading pool, with shallows around much of the circumference, some as low as two feet deep beside the nearby reef. No other bay in the BVI offers such an ideal swimming and snorkelling spot. And due to the shallow waters, Oil Nut Bay boasts a pale aqua cove that sparkles from the white sands below.

All photos by yachtshotsbvi.com

Oil Nut Bay Resort, accessible only by boat or helicopter, provides the perfect isolated setting for families seeking to invest in homes in the Caribbean. In fact, Oil Nut Bay caters to the whole family with countless activities for children and adults to take advantage of the natural surroundings. The Nuthouse, a kids club and nature centre, offers daily activities in the water and on the island, everything ranging from cooking classes to windsurfing to ocean explorations. On-staff marine and environmental biologists are on hand to teach residents about the plants and creatures of the land and sea.

The kids are not the only ones spoiled at Oil Nut Bay. Adults can take advantage of the outdoor pursuits building which provide diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, sailing and boating equipment. Instructors are available for lessons. The shallow reef at Oil Nut Bay is a perfect location for first-time divers to learn. It’s also a great place to spend an afternoon snorkelling. For out of water activities, hiking trails are strategically located to take advantage of the dramatic terrain and views, and tennis courts await beside a fitness centre with state-of-the-art equipment, accessible to all residents and guests. A full-service spa and wellness centre promotes relaxation and meditation for those desiring to decompress after an active day.

The locus of the resort is the Beach Club, touted as the “family social centre” of Oil Nut Bay.  A multi-level, multi-functional space, the Beach Club acts both as a casual gathering place—with its expansive pool, lounge chairs and outdoor bar and grill—and as a more formal setting that can accommodate weddings or other open-air functions. For quiet meetings or dinners, the Beach Club also has a private dining available.

While Oil Nut Bay boasts more luxury amenities and features than a homeowner could wish for, ONB goes beyond local regulations and requirements to guarantee a low-density, sustainable community. The community consists of only 88 villas on the 300-acre property, as opposed to the 300 properties allowed by local regulations. Oil Nut Bay’s developer, David V. Johnson of Victor International, has a reputation for leadership and a long track record in eco-excellence, including recently setting a recent Guinness World Record for “the longest parade of electric vehicles.” Electric vehicles are the only type of motorized transport that will be allowed to traverse Oil Nut Bay’s winding roads. “The use of electric cars on the development is just one example of our environmental consideration,” says Mr. Johnson. Additionally proving the company’s commitment to forward-thinking eco-practices, Victor International has hired Dr. Larry Oswald as Environmental Team Leader. Under Dr. Oswald’s guidance and aim for carbon neutrality, Oil Nut Bay will use the BVI’s natural energy sources, wind and solar power, for electricity generation, lighting and heating water. Furthermore, ONB will have its own desalination plant, and at least one building will have a living roof. Mr. Johnson says his resort emphasizes “family values joining in harmony with nature.”



But all the things mentioned above serve only to enhance the serene experience of living day to day in a custom home on one of the most beautiful pieces of property in the world. Each of the 88 lots at Oil Nut Bay have been surveyed and selected to exploit the best characteristics of the land, views and natural landscapes of Oil Nut Bay. The first phase of properties for sale includes twenty-seven secluded, lush homesite lots with dimensions ranging from 1 to 10 acres and prices ranging from $2 to $25 million. Also for sale during this first phase are beach villas and ridge villas on either oceanfront or hillside lots, respectively. The ten beach villas are three to six bedroom homes, each with their own infinity-edge pool and beach access. Lot prices begin at $5.8 million, and only four villas are remaining. Seven ridge villa lots, ranging in size from 3-8,000 square feet, are perched on the hill, cooled by the tradewinds, overlooking the pristine waters of the North Sound and beyond. Prices for the ridge villas are between $4.8-8 million with homesites starting at $2.85 million, with only four of these villas still available.

Subtle elegance seems to be the theme of Oil Nut Bay where the developers will only allow home designs that are harmonious with the surroundings. One of members of the Victor International team mentions that the homes have to be aesthetically appealing from the sea as well as from vantage points above. The landscaping throughout the resort also compliments the surroundings and at each homesite will act as a natural progression from the outdoor oasis to the indoor sanctuary.

Oil Nut Bay Resort Community also boasts several practical bonuses that few other elite BVI resorts can offer. The biggest advantage to buying property at Oil Nut Bay is that the land is freehold land, so the land is fully owned by each owner, without any conditions, unlike Crown-leased land. Victor International has also secured an agreement with the Government of the British Virgin Islands that guarantees 90 day approval for a Non-Belonger’s Landholding License, which is required by law for foreign real estate buyers in the BVI. Additionally, Oil Nut Bay is a debt-free development, so its progress does not hinge upon the fluctuations of the market, and buyers can purchase with the confidence of knowing their homes will be constructed without financial delays.

For buyers with boats, Oil Nut Bay is adjacent to the North Sound Yacht Club (NSYC), an exclusive superyacht marina in the North Sound, with 38 slips for yachts ranging from 100 to 350 feet. The NSYC will also feature a restaurant, boutiques, Wi-Fi, provisioning services, security surveillance and weather protection. The NSYC shares Oil Nut Bay’s commitment to the environment and will implement recycling programs for all solid waste, reusing waste water for irrigation and fertilizer, and utilizing solar and wind energy whenever possible.


Oil Nut Bay Resort in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda is being planned and built with families in mind. Families who seek to relax in an environment while learning about its natural attributes. Families who choose luxury that preserves ecosystems. Families who value privacy but also seek a like-minded community. Families who can afford ownership of one of the most stunning and beautiful properties in the world. 

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