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The Gallery  –  The Beautiful British Virgin Islands are a continuous source of inspiration for local and visiting artists.  Azure bays, brilliant tropical flowers accenting most every view, that crystal clear water, Caribbean architecture that can range from old stone mills to bright gingerbread trimmed houses.  And that’s just at first glance. 

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Picasso.
Artists absorb the world around them the way some can drink.  There is no stopping us, we drink it in and it comes out as a painting, a sculpture or in our writing.  If it isn’t the stunning seascapes that inspires – with constantly changing hues, the clear skies of cerulean blue, hot pinks and violet or the beautiful palm fringed bays… then there is a good chance it will be the colorful island-life or wildlife.  The tiny blue house with the bright yellow hurricane shutters that looks as if it is trying to compete with the brilliance of the sun and sea, or the beach bar teaming with sandy feet and sunburned visitors in tropical shirts, the funky night spots – reggae or steel bands, the Iguana stretched out on a rock in the sun.  Pelicans, Magnificent Frigatebirds, a Great Blue Heron, the glimpse of a mongoose, a hummingbird at a hibiscus flower, the Hawksbill Turtle spotted while snorkeling or the donkey dressed in style with a lei of colorful tropical flowers… Even the most indifferent person visiting or living here – must occasionally say, “Wow!” 

I have seen sunsets so intense — the sky so streaked with crimson and violet — that the sea looked like flowing lava.  I thought, “If I painted this view, people will not believe it was real.”

So whether the island attracts artist or brings out the hidden artist in us all, is like saying, “If a tree falls in the forest…”
The Gallery on Main Street is a charming shop where you can view and purchase artwork created by BVI artists. 

The Gallery itself is worthy of painting.  A charming West Indian style house, built about 80 years ago as a split, two-family dwelling, and was lived in until the 1970’s, when it first opened as a retail shop. Remember that I said, “Two-family dwelling”? When you stop in, you will understand why.  It is truly an island style house with large shuttered doors and windows open to the trade winds, clapboard and fretwork and a sun-drenched paintjob that just draw you into a shop filled to overflowing with unique works of art.

The shop is owned and operated by the local artist Lisa Muddiman Gray whose beautiful batiks and rich watercolors of coral reefs with their wildlife and color-filled tropical gardens are on exhibit along with a wide variety of creations by other BVI artists.


Artists may see and be inspired to paint the same scene. But we never recreate it in the same way.
The following is a list of artist and the variety of mediums and styles available this month at The Gallery.


Linda Babin’s fun silk paintings make you smile. They are infused with colorful laundry caught up in the breeze, chickens roaming the garden, and the feeling of a sunny, carefree Caribbean day.

Lutia Tai Durante creates lively island scenes in oil on canvas of Caribbean life and it’s rich cultural history.

Roger Ellis a.k.a. Flukes
excels in his ink and watercolor paintings of island scenes and nature and is well known for his maps with their old-world illustrative style.

Sarah Goodman expresses her love of the islands beauty with vibrant silk paintings of Caribbean landscapes, flowers and wildlife.

Anita Gulliver
shines with a fun cartoon style of silk painting infused with sun kissed color.  Her artwork focuses on the local events and notable island locations.

Aileen Malcolm sees the humor in the island lifestyle and creates amusing scenes and characters with fascinating detail.  

Jinx Morgan’s paintings of bright tropical flowers, gorgeous bays and verandas dabbled with bright sunlight and color-rich shadow are sunny places that make you want to curl up like a cat and soak in the rays and the view.

Savanna Redman is best know for her detailed ink drawings, watercolors, hand drawn and painted Caribbean and Virgin Island Charts – illustrated with old sailing ships, mermaids and sea monsters.

Cheryl Riley’s love of the islands, tropical flowers and beautiful vistas inspires her rich acrylic paintings.

Garry Scales creates in ink and watercolor, finding his inspiration in nature, from vivid tropical flowers to luxuriant land and seascapes.

Blanka Smith paints in a fresh watercolor style creating radiant island scenes, noteworthy landmarks and tropical flowers.  The painting shown here of The Gallery is one of her charming paintings. 

Isabelle Smith captures the gorgeous island views on location in watercolor.  Delighting in the rich colours of the Caribbean and painting the charismatic local sights.

Jill Tattersall
paints striking light-filled scenes in watercolor with the historical charm of the days gone by.

David Thrasher paints island views in vibrant acrylic.  Colorful gardens around traditional West Indian houses, inviting bays, old boats, docks, the famous hot spots and the hidden secrets of the BVI.


The Gallery offers original paintings and fine art Giclee prints.  And they are willing to custom frame and ship your purchases.
The Gallery is located on Main Street in Road Town, Tortola (across the street from Pusser’s Store), and is open 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, and open 10 to 2 on Saturday.  Stop in and browse the always-changing selection.  The lovely Sharona Martin will be happy to answer your questions about the artists and assist you in locating the perfect artwork for your home     or for a gift. 

The Gallery’s phone number 284-494-2096                                                                                E-mail is [email protected]

Savanna Redman


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