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Oceans 7 Beach Club – A brand new venture that combines the best features of a day resort and overnight mooring with a bar and restaurant… We are sitting on the dock of Great Harbor, Peter Island,  with Tortola in view amidst a flotilla of yachts, snorkelers, kayaks and free-diving pelicans. It’s a familiar sight, but behind us is a brand new venture that combines the best features of a day resort and overnight mooring with a bar and restaurant: It's Oceans 7 Beach Club.

The Romney family (five sisters and parents) are behind the development of this new hot spot.  With two new docks and up to 30 mooring balls this bay is going to pack them in.  The attraction is a water sports venue, beach and sports bar with widescreen satellite television.  With a fresh lobster grill, buffet and a full working kitchen powered by two humming generators, this place is going full steam.

Pouring a bushwhacker for some guests down from Virgin Gorda, bartender Jason Hadley is excited about the new vibe.  “We love it here, it’s got just about everything we have seen over the island bar stops and we are adding a little more, just keeping it all on one beach!"  Access is key and it’s only a 20-minute ride from the ferry running out of Prospect Reef. The restaurant has 160 seats and we are anticipating Jason’s promise of live music; by night this place is going to be on fire.  It's easy to imagine music echoing from the lush hills around the bay to the most remote of the moorings.  The bushwhacker is smooth, and it’s in a martini glass, uh oh seven!

I am examining the menu as the grill is being fired up and it’s hard to choose between the roti and freshly grilled fish, lobster even. It's hustle and bustle as a group runs over to the buffet and our lunch is served in quick time, fresh and mahi-licious. The staff is everywhere and attentive, right on cue and providing incredible service.

We are on Peter Island and already there is confusion. "Is this Peter Island Resort?" asks a newcomer to the beach.  It is Oceans 7 and there need be no comparison.  This is not a resort-guest-orientated beach, but more a compact day resort with an incredible night spot.  Jason smiles and laughs with the customers who sip drinks while ordering lunch and dip into the shallow waters of the bay.  Hammocks await the afternoon siesta while patrons soak up the smells of fresh grilled fish.


Careful thought has gone into the design of Oceans 7…  Two dining areas, water sports and two bars with plenty of limin area in between are all within a few minutes' stroll.   The main dining area is waterside seating overhanging the beach whilst the secondary is below the sports bar adjacent to the grill with a rug of sand under your feet. It makes you want to walk around, and instantly on arrival there are feelings of relaxation and tranquility.  You are made to feel very welcome here. A guest once commented that they treat you like Donald Trump; well maybe given a bushwhacker or two, chilling to island sounds and soaking in the sun, The Donald would let his apprentices relax up, and let the comb over hang free. Ya Mon, get over to Oceans 7, it's jammin'.

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