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Nail Bay

More Than One Paradise  –  Nail Bay in Virgin Gorda is more than just a 148-acre luxury resort. It is a diverse property that houses high-end luxury villas, unique rental suites, homes for full-time residents, beaches, community pools, a restaurant with swim-up bar, a lighted tennis court, historic sugar plantation ruins and modern amenities such as underground utilities, stand-by generators and a private water supply and distribution system.  Ajit George’s Nail Bay Resort continues to diversify, most recently by partnering with the elite Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces who will be managing a new five-star resort in Nail Bay.

On our visit, we viewed two examples of the type of property for sale at Nail Bay. Both properties are managed under the Virgin Gorda Management Company’s umbrella which provides on-site property management and facilitates rentals and maintenance

Our first stop in Nail Bay is Moonlit Sea. Unpretentious, comfortable and bright, Moonlit Sea features all the things buyers want in a BVI residence—stunning vistas, beachfront access, cool breezes, privacy, large outdoor spaces, and flower and fruit-bearing gardens. At $695K, this property might be the best deal in the BVI, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has sold by the time of publication. There are unimproved lots at Nail Bay that cost more than this house, with most houses at Nail Bay valued in the range of $1 to $15 million dollars and more.

The sea pulls us like a magnet, so, without much of a second glance, we pass by the shady boulders and blossoms of the entranceway, through the front hall and the cathedral-ceilinged living room until we’re swept out to the wooden deck that spans the house. There we stop. And breathe. And almost melt into the rocking chairs. I know there’s more to see, but why? This is island living defined. This breeze. This blue. Ripples on the water fashion a gauzy veil over the multicolored reef. White clouds form cartoon shapes then fade back into the celluloid sky.


Photos by Yacht Shots

Owen snaps me out of it, and the owners ask if we want to take the short walk to Mountain Trunk Bay, one of Virgin Gorda’s most secluded beaches. I bounce down the stone and pebble path, look out across the sea and pause again. Before me, the Dog Islands speckle the Atlantic, framed by fuchsia bougainvillea flowers and yellow trumpets. The garden path rambles down the hill, weaving between banana palms, cacti, flowering shrubs, granite boulders and pineapple plants. Clearly a labour of love, the garden has taken Jeff, the owner, thirteen years to construct, and he still considers it a work in progress. But I can tell he’s proud of it and the 21 pineapple fruit it bore last season.



Owen looks up at the house from the landscaped garden. “How much are you selling for again?” he asks, wanting to make sure he heard correctly the first time. They also mention that there is space below the house for a guest apartment, and I can picture a waterfall-type pool cascading down the hillside, complimenting the garden. But then again, who needs a pool with the sea so near?

After spending too much time wandering around the paths, we have to skip the beach, but we’re told there are three within walking distance: Mountain Trunk Bay, Nail Bay and Long Bay. Back up at the house, I browse the rooms and fall in love with their light-filled, elegant, understated simplicity. The house has everything a BVI resident could possibly need—a comfortable master bedroom with deck access and a large, bright master bathroom; an uncluttered, open lounge and dining area; a full kitchen with all the necessary appliances; a guest room with en suite, full bathroom; and a full, spare bathroom with bathtub. Even though the house is a part of the Nail Bay Resort, it is completely secluded and private but still benefits from all the services Nail Bay has to offer.

Based on the name, Moonlit Sea, I can only imagine the view at night. I consider camping out on the hammock chair until the sun sets, for the sake of the article, but we have a busy day on Virgin Gorda. I can see Owen going over figures in his head and playing back his conversation with Pam Romney about buying versus renting. We discuss the idea of moving our offices over to VG as we head out the door.


While Moonlit Sea feels like a home, the townhouse units in the Island Time Village building feel more like fun, ladi-back, holiday rentals. The three separate, air-conditioned apartments are situated in the hub of Nail Bay activity, overlooking the tennis court and Nail Bay’s acclaimed Sugarcane restaurant, but they still have the serene view of the Atlantic beyond the tree line. The open-plan style allows the best views from every room.The main unit, called Small Graces, boasts a master bedroom with a raised, king-sized bed that overlooks the view beyond the tennis courts: the deep, blue Atlantic. A Jacuzzi in the master bathroom presents the perfect place to relax. Another smaller bathroom with shower is accessible from the main level. The kitchen includes all new crisp, white appliances, plenty of counter space and cabinet space, and a breakfast bar. The glass-topped white wicker dining table comfortably seats six. The dining area also has a desk and two large, mirrored cupboards. Just below the dining area, the sunken living room has sliding glass doors that open to a multi-level patio balcony which features treated aluminum lounge chairs and an outdoor dining area. This unit can be sold separately for $395K or along with the other two units for $650K.

The other two units have the same view of the Atlantic but with more intimate balconies. Blue View, the smaller of the two, contains a closet kitchenette and king-sized bed. The balcony has an outdoor seating area and a built in bench seat as well as a gas grill. Like its neighbor, the bathroom also has a corner whirlpool tub.

The last suite, Sail Watch, has a full corner kitchen with a breakfast bar, a sitting area, cathedral ceilings, built-in bookshelves and a king-sized bed in addition to a balcony and bathroom with tub. Like its two neighbours, Sail Watch is floored in Italian tiles both indoors and out. Blue View and Sail Watch can be purchased together as one property for $295K.

On our visit to Nail Bay, we were impressed with the sampling of properties the resort has for sale, and we look forward to seeing how the resort expands in the future. 

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