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More Post-Earl Cleanup in the BVI

Wednesday, September 22–Debris clearing efforts continue as the Solid Waste Department works to keep the Territory in a healthy state and ensures that vegetation and other forms of waste matter from Hurricane Earl are removed throughout the Virgin Islands.

Over the past two weeks solid waste personnel have worked steadfastly to remove tree limbs and other large amounts of vegetation placed around communal bins.

Solid Waste Manager, Mr. Anslem Myers stated, “Post hurricane cleanup has been quite unusual this time since a number of residential bins were blocked with tree limbs and other pieces of vegetation. In most cases, we have had to rent equipment to ensure that the bins could be accessed and the garbage cleared or it would have posed a serious public health threat.”

Mr. Myers said, “It also appeared that a lot of persons cleared their surroundings and placed the yard waste at the residential bins instead of taking it directly to the Incinerator Plant, prompting the need for extra equipment to be hired in order to keep the residential bins in a healthy state.”

The Solid Waste Department commenced its debris clearing work immediately after Hurricane Earl with solid waste workers cutting up and removing tree limbs, clearing leaves, as well as performing additional roadside cleaning efforts. This took place primarily in the Road Town area.

The Solid Waste Manager affirmed the department’s commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy environment. He stated, “It was quite a bit of work and contractors were hired to assist with clearance efforts in areas such as East End, Long Look, Paraquita Bay, Belle Vue, among other places.

Mr. Myers noted the incinerator plant’s inability to manage the large volumes of waste being accepted and admitted, “The department also had to hire supplemental equipment at the plant in order to keep the waste management processes flowing.” He is advising that cleanup efforts are also scheduled to commence on Jost Van Dyke during the course of this week.

The Solid Waste Manager commends the Solid Waste staff and contractors on what he described as a smooth operation where everyone cooperated.


The Solid Waste Department of the Ministry of Health and Social Development is responsible for the collection and disposal of community solid waste, as well as the promotion of proper waste disposal practices.

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