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X-OTIC ADVENTURES' LOOKER 30 – Alexis Harrigan’s company, X-otic Adventures, specializes in providing experiences that formerly were available only to skilled divers or snorkellers.
X-otic’s X-Bob Adventures and X-Vue Adventures allow access to previously unavailable experiences.

The X-Bob, or breathing observation bubble, is a kind of underwater scooter that allows the passenger to sit upright with their head enclosed in a plastic bubble with a clear screen. The bubble fills with air and as the Bob unit descends, the air remains inside the bubble, refreshed from a scuba tank. The unit is propelled by a 12-volt car battery and an electric motor. No diving or swimming skills are required and the participant is able to view coral reefs and underwater sea life in comfort and confidence.

X-otic’s X-Vue Adventures features a glass-bottomed boat, which whisks passengers from the Dock Marina near the Pub at Road Reef to destinations such as the Indians, the Caves and so forth. Seated in comfort, passengers can observe the sea bottom and the intriguing creatures who dwell there from the comfort of a well-padded seat.

The Looker 30, which is the vessel that X-otic use, is a Russian-built hydrofoil that rises slightly above the sea when under way but which settles its glass bottom into the waters at slow speed, making an ideal viewing platform.

Fast and comfortable under power (Alexis Harrigan claims 7 minutes from the Tortola base to the Indians), the Looker is stable at rest and is an excellent example of the type of purpose-driven craft that are re-defining the BVI boating world.

While the X-otic experience might not be for everyone it certainly does open up the underwater world to many who would otherwise be shut out.

Mr. Harrigan has other ventures in the planning stages to complement the current ones. He seems to have found an area with plenty of room to grow, and to have the entrepreneurial spirit so necessary for success in the highly competitive BVI world.
Call X-otic at 284-494-0406 or email: [email protected]


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