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The sky is probably blue, and the sun is more than likely shining. So why even bother bringing up the horrible subject of mortgages? Why spoil your day or possibly your vacation? Because here in the BVI, believe it or not, we actually have some good news on the subject. If you are considering purchasing property in the BVI, residential mortgages are readily available for both local and overseas purchasers. Hearing that from a realtor probably isn’t overly convincing so perhaps a word or two from the banks themselves might help.


Paul Gourieux, Country Manager, First Bank (BVI) Ltd
“FirstBank has numerous choices for clients looking to purchase, build or refinance a home. As the largest financial institution in the Virgin Islands, FirstBank focuses on meeting the individual needs of borrowers. The corporation is well capitalized and looking to lend money to help our community grow. By making prudent lending decisions and staying out of the ‘sub-prime’ market, we have been able to successfully grow our portfolio and maintain a healthy forecast for the years ahead.”

Joyce Murraine, Managing Director, Scotia Bank (BVI) Ltd
“Scotiabank is listed in the top ten best performing banks in the world. We are eager to assist consumers in owning their own home faster. Visit us today and let us show you how quickly you can become a homeowner.”

Robert Hirst, Head of Banking, VP Bank (BVI) Limited
“VP Bank provides personalized service and can tailor loan solutions to meet the individual needs of clients.”

So there you have it. Yes, the ‘Loan To Value’ ratios have tightened up a touch—a reflection of the global financial situation—but money is available to buy or build a home in the BVI. Foreign purchasers should note that a Non-Belongers Land Holding License is required before a BVI bank will lend money to purchase property. But you can get pre-approved for financing before entering into an Agreement for Sale and applying for your license. Drop us a line at [email protected], and we would be happy to put you in touch with the right people at any of the banks. The following tables summarize the rates and terms available at the time of going to press. 




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