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Makere House

The turquoise pool mimics the blue of Cane Garden Bay, and the verdant lawn copies the green of the mountainside. The multi-level Makere House welcomes lounging and relaxing while admiring the sublime panorama.

Makere House has a proper yard. A yard that begs for bare feet, picnics by candlelight, games of tag, cloud-gazing, frolicking dogs. A yard with a mango tree. And if such a thing as an infinity-edge lawn exists, Makere House has one. The yard is not the feature I first notice at Makere House, but it’s one of many surprises that unfold before me with each step I take through this property on Soldier Hill.


The short stone pathway from the parking area to the front door of the main house is resplendent with vibrant colours and perfumed with fresh fragrances. Orange coconuts attempt to outshine magenta bougainvillea blooms and purple heart vines. Once inside the kitchen and family room area, the colours are more subdued— Mexican Saltillo tiles, white walls and countertops, wooden cabinets and shelves, driftwood-coloured cathedral ceilings and a few blue accents— emphasizing the beauty of the landscaping and the view of Cane Garden Bay. Four sets of double doors open to the wraparound porch and promote constant air flow.

The outdoor dining table and chairs blend in with the wood of the deck. Again, the natural colours don’t detract from the aquamarine, cerulean and indigo waters of Cane Garden Bay or the jade, emerald and viridian hillsides of Tortola and neighbouring islands. A hammock sways between two posts on the southwest corner of the deck, and two Adirondack chairs point toward the sea, all waiting to be filled on a lazy afternoon.


Double doors from the deck lead back to the master bedroom which houses a sturdy, queen-sized bed, matching bedside tables and two large closets. The bright, spacious master bath occupies the northeast corner of the house, between the master bedroom and the kitchen. White tiles sparkle around the countertops and inside the vast shower space. Back in the master bedroom, folding doors open up to the family room, increasing the spaciousness of the entire living area.

Outside the main house, accessible from the deck or the stone pathway by the front entrance, is the side yard with the mango tree and plush grass. Maritha Kiel from Caribbean Realty tells me this part of the island receives the highest amount of rainfall, a statement proven by the lush vegetation that covers the .79 acres. With a glass of lemonade, one could lean against the mango tree and while away hours staring out over the lawn’s edge which blends into the mountain-covered landscape.


At the other end of the stone pathway, past the orange coconut palm, a stairway leads down to the large swimming pool, ceramic-tiled patio and guest house. The front door of the guest house opens to a small kitchen with a stainless steel double sink, a stove, an oven and a mini-fridge. The two bedrooms in the guest house are enormous. One could even be converted into a living area. Actually, each bedroom has enough room to host its own living area. From cathedral celings to cool tiles, both bedrooms are filled with light coming from large windows and double doors on either side that open to the patio on one side and the deck on the other. The deck runs the width of the house. The bathroom in the guest house is as spacious as the master bathroom in the main house, with gorgeous dark wood shelves, gleaming white walls and stainless steel fixtures.


Between the two houses, an expansive glazed-tile patio that is perfectly suited for both entertaining and sunbathing surrounds the pristine, 20’x12’ swimming pool. The patio is furnished with a dining table and chairs, two synthetic white wicker chaise longues and an intimate bistro table. From the patio and pool area, standing at the railing, I feel as though I’ve stepped into the view overlooking Cane Garden Bay and beyond to St John, Great Thatch and St Thomas.

Stilt-like pillars the size of telephone poles support the hillside dwellings, allowing each house to extend into the scene. Below the main house a large store room houses a generator and a separate washer and dryer. 

From the deck to the yard and down to the pool, Makere House pleases at every level. 

Asking price:  US $1,350,000

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