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l’Hydroptere Fastest Sailing Yacht in the World

Let's face it, l'Hydroptere is one of the coolest sailboats there is, and though top "burst" speeds aren't counted for the record*, having hit over 60 knots, this boat now owns the fastest recorded speed by sail-powered craft on the water – EVER. Three hydrofoil equipped hulls, what looks like an acre of canvas aloft, and this incredible sailing machine is nearly flying.

l’Hydroptère's 61 knot top speed was followed by a capsize, but that's what happens when you're pushing boundaries. SailRocket actually took flight when it hit its top speed of just over 52 knots. Both boats are going to be back at it as soon as possible, and with kite-boarding now officially recognized, we can look forward to more serious leap-frogging on the record books in 2009.

*As officiated by the WSSRC, the overall speed sailing record is for average speed over a 500 meter stretch, and is currently in the hands of
kite-boarder Alexandre Caizergues at 50.57 knots.


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