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A fast-growing trend in the homebuilding industry is the development of move-in-ready homes. Here the property developer builds a community of homes or apartments that offer the buyer more than just a unique lifestyle opportunity.

Working with the project architect and interior designer, homeowners carefully select a portfolio of luxury fixtures and finishes to complete the interior and exterior design of the home. Presented as a series of lifestyle package options, the homebuyer chooses their selection as part of the buying experience.

Typically this translates into different options for the design, colour and finish of cabinets, countertop, high-end appliances, lighting, tile and flooring in the kitchen. For the bathroom, the style and colour of tile and flooring plus options for the countertop, vanity, sinks and lighting fixtures are all available choices. Packages also include finished paint colors, interior and exterior lighting, flooring, fans and landscaping.

As the trend trickles into the BVI, one can’t help but marvel at the time-saving benefits of buying a move-in-ready home. What completes a home’s uniqueness is the individual interior design style and personality of the client.

The biggest benefit of buying a move-in-ready home is relinquishing the time-consuming role of sourcing the right products and fixtures. For the independent homebuilder, this can mean endless searching via the internet and local stores as well as international travel to make the perfect selections. While some aspects of the packages offered may not be 100% your choice, many offer allowances for customization.

Another benefit is that the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and lighting come fully installed. The buyer no longer has to spend valuable time searching for the right contractors or overseeing the installation project.

Some model homes are sold to include, or have available, optionalfurniture packages. Again targeted lifestyle packages are offered for each room of the home. Many packages provide just the right amount of furniture and accessories to create a comfortable home yet leave room to add the buyers’ personality through the finishing decorating touches. Some developers have an in-house interior designer on board for those clients who prefer a furniture package custom tailored to their exact specifications and design style, whether for a family home or vacation rental. The beauty is that the time and stress involved in furnishing the entirehome is diminished along with the hassles of shipping and installation. When the paperwork is complete, and you have the keys in hand, your beautiful new home will be ready, needing only you and your personal items to fill it.


While buying a move-in-ready home might not suit those with aspirations to design their own haven, the choice is perfect for those whose schedule doesn’t allow for managing their own construction project. And some local projects are opening up the opportunity to live in more remote parts of the islands, which before may have seemed prohibitive to build on, particularly with no access to basic amenities or roads.

As more communities spring up in the BVI, it’s refreshing to see that the architectural design, while providing a more modern feel, is in keeping with BVI’s love of tropical and Caribbean design. And for interiors, the warm wood tones of Indonesian furniture, the textures of rattan and the colourful fabrics seamlessly integrate with the cleaner lines of contemporary design, and the essence of Caribbean living is retained.

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