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The Acting Chief Immigration Officer noted that surveillance operations and other investigations will continue in an effort to identify residents who assist travellers to land with fake documents.

“We are very concerned about incidents where local residents continue to knowingly assist persons to enter the Territory in contravention of the immigration laws,” he said.

Mr. Brathwaite described the problem as being very serious, and reminded the public that the Immigration and Passport Amendment Act makes provisions for persons convicted for the offence to be fined $3,000 or imprisoned for up to two years.

“This area is a critical part of the Department’s border management initiatives and we ask for the community’s support in order to protect the BVI’s best interest and make certain that the work we do is conducive to the public good of the Territory and the security of our homeland,” he said.

The Immigration Department, which falls under the Chief Minister’s Office, works to ensure that all non-belongers entering the Territory qualify as desirable visitors and that their residence, employment, and business activities are monitored and controlled.

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