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Fish Species Closed Season in Effect

Friday, February 25 – Chief Conservation and Fisheries Officer Mr. Bertrand Lettsome is reminding residents of the closed season currently in effect for the margate and red hind fish species.  



Speaking to the Department of Information and Public Relations Mr. Lettsome said the January 1 – March 31 closed season is vital as it ensures the sustainability and viability of particular species.  He further noted that the closed season is directly linked to the reproductive cycles of those particular fish species.


Red Hind

Mr. Lettsome added that, “The closed season allows the fish to reproduce and replenish those that were caught during the open season. This is essential if we wish to continually enjoy the fish life that resides in our waters either for food or for the health of the underwater ecosystem.”

During the specified closed season no person shall take from the waters, expose for sale, give, purchase, sell or have in their possession any red hind or margate fish.


The Chief Conservation and Fisheries Officer encourages full adherence to the closed season as failure to comply may result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

The Territory exercises closed seasons for seven species namely the margate, red hind, nassau grouper, turtle, lobster, conch and whelk. During the respective closed seasons, it is forbidden to be found with any of the banned species as mandated in the Virgin Islands Fisheries Regulations (2003).  

The Conservation and Fisheries Department seeks to ensure that the environment, the fishing industry and the resource base on which they depend are managed in a sustainable manner.  This is to ensure the greatest possible benefit for the people of the Virgin Islands.

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