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Editor's Notes

I remember when my parents bought land in the late 1980s—the thrill of seeing the architect’s plans transform from blue ink on paper to a cement foundation, wooden studs and, eventually, brick walls, ceramic tiled and hardwood floors and the bedroom in the northeast corner—my room. After the house was built and inhabitable, I was overwhelmed by the additional excitement of being able to decorate my own space as I liked—choosing paint and carpet colours, picking out furniture (a loft bed with writing desk and dresser below), putting up posters and selecting curtains. As many beautiful houses as there are in the BVI, and as much as I like the idea of adapting to the quirkiness of someone else’s vision, I also understand the appeal of building a home from scratch. This month, Property Guide offers buyers a selection of land available in the BVI.

Homeowners in the BVI have certain responsibilities to the territory and the planet. We offer our monthly green feature which recommends planet-friendly alternatives to homeowners—in this case to lower your home’s greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, PG offers suggestions that should encourage everyone to do what we can to diminish the threat of dengue mosquitoes. Tasks as simple as rinsing out pet bowls and emptying flowerpot bases can kill thousands of mosquito larvae.

Sometimes you need to get out of the house, and when you do, we propose you stop by Emile’s in East End for some fresh Mexican food and homemade pizzas—crust and all. You might need a designated driver, though.

Just a few more reasons we love living here.

Traci O'Dea


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