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Editor's Notes

Welcome to the May issue of the Property Guide  –  Hi and welcome to the May issue. As the newest member of the BVI Property Guide team, I look forward to taking the magazine in new directions. We will continue our objective of being the definitive guide for buying property in paradise, highlighting exquisite homes for sale in the BVI. In addition, we will focus on what comes with living in the BVI once you’re here or what you have to look forward to when you arrive. Our unique community is a melting pot of careers, nationalities, ages and interests. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel when we attempt something for the first time, we can learn from each other’s past successes and mistakes. 

The Guide will still have the useful features that you, the reader, are accustomed to, such as reviews of the latest properties available, tips for owners and sellers, articles on home improvement, listings, updates on forthcoming projects and advice for building in the territory. You’re not losing anything. Instead, as the months progress, you’ll notice you’re getting more. We want to have some fun, learn a few things and maybe ruffle a few feathers.

This month, we review a family-ready house on MacNamara, recount a surprising shopping experience in Road Town, provide great tips on outdoor living, check out some of the latest large developments and interview one of Tortola’s most prolific builders. In future months, we might discuss going to the movies (or not going to the movies), finding the right realtor, committing a local fashion faux pas or determining if starter homes exist in the BVI. We will continue to draw from our pool of expert writers to provide intriguing pieces related to their fields, and we will also seek new voices to share their experiences.

Recently, a friend and I had some time to kill, so we attempted to take Russell Hill to get to Shannon. Instead of robotically and routinely following the most traveled or quickest route, we paid attention to the unfamiliar drive and our surroundings. We eventually arrived at our destination, but only after making several wrong turns and, at one point, backing up about a quarter mile because one road was blocked by a huge boulder. As the Property Guide expands we hope to take you down a road you’ve never driven before, even if we run into a boulder or two along the way.

See you out there!

Traci O'Dea


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