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Editor's Letter

One more year.

That’s what I told myself two years ago at this time. I’ve said it again moving into 2012. One more year. Then I’ll grow up—I promise. I’ll move into an apartment surrounded by others just like it and tall buildings and fast food restaurants and loud horns and fast-moving people who are always on time. I’ll get a job that requires I wear a suit—and even close-toed shoes. I’ll get a dog that wasn’t born on a beach and an indoor cat with clipped nails. I’ll get married and have kids and one day buy a home and have a mortgage and 401k. And every day, when my alarm wakes me before the crack of dawn and I venture out to rush-hour traffic, I’ll wish I had once again said, “One more year.”

In my future life, I’ll probably remember days like the one I had in November, when I visited the lavish Baraka Point Villa on Virgin Gorda. There, I was pampered and wined and dined by a courteous staff at one of the most exquisite locales in the Caribbean. Also in Virgin Gorda, I spent a day on the water to witness the 25th annual Pro Am Regatta. The hard life, really.

Or maybe, while I rub my hands together fiercely to warm myself on a snowy winter day, I’ll think back to the time in my previous life that I jumped ship from Tortola to St John to ride a scooter through its vast national parks and around its tricky bends and turns. The island’s protected beauty would eventually lead me to an interesting character named Herman Smith, who told me about an intriguing wood from a tree called lignum vitae that he uses to carve cool little sculptures.

When I’m changing diapers or perhaps fighting traffic to ensure I’m exactly on time to work, I might calm myself by remembering the views from Bayhouse on Virgin Gorda—our cover feature this issue. The modern, linear property comes equiped with its own beachside view overlooking massive boulders and the vast Caribbean panoramas.

When I grow up, I’m sure I’ll always remember my watch and buy the fanciest smart phone available to guarantee I’m always on time to every meeting in my date book. I’ll have the nicest and most spacious four-wheel drive vehicle to ensure that I hold traction during even the heaviest of snowstorms. I’ll always take myself seriously and live by the rules—all of them. Or, maybe, I’ll end each December in the Virgin Islands and promise myself…

Just one more year.



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