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Editor’s Notes

Editor's Letter
June 2011

When the water is this flat, the air so thick and street movements sparse and scattered, it can only mean one thing:
Summer season is once again hot upon us.

But that’s okay. I think I’ve got this summertime island living thing down pat. Yeah, most of the serious sailors will head north to harder seas, and the sun-drenched surfers clear the waters and go into hibernation. But that just means there’s more open, glassy water for me and my motoring friends to explore. And with the schools out, kids have opportunities to attend summer camps both on and off island. Then there is, of course, the constant threat of a wild storm or three, as we bore witness to last summer. But what screams adventure like a little seasonal suspense? There’s never really a good reason to complain about living in paradise.
To be on the safe side, I did a little research on the hurricane season, which is now officially upon us. In this issue, contributing Captain Lou Patterson lent his expertise on sailing securities and put together a piece detailing marine safety measures. On the flipside, architect Steve Fox wrote about hurricane protection on land, within the confines of a sturdy, secured home.
We also compiled a list of protected hurricane holes, like Nanny Cay, which provides a safe refuge for its slipholders. Among them, new homeowners at the Nanny Cay Village, where the conveniently situated, turnkey townhomes have been filling up fast—even with a global economy as slow as, say, a beach bar in June.
With the temperature rising, we here at aLookingGlass also made sure to get cooled off on the water at every chance. I joined the Reef Check crew for their 14th annual dive, which took me to their starting point at Spyglass, off Norman Island. Along with the important Reef Check exercise, underwater environmentalists are forming more local bonds through the reach of the Association of Reef Keepers (ARK). On Tortola, Traci also got wet—or almost, that is—when she took her tacking to the extreme and knocked out her third sailing class, this time on a dinghy.
I suppose there’s never really a drought of things to do in the BVI when you put your mind to it. But truth be told, I’m looking forward to getting off the rock over the next few months. My pals at BVI Airways told me they’re scoping out new destinations over the summer, after celebrating their prosperous one-year marker last month. I’d gladly take them up on a test run to, say, the Dominican Republic, St Kitts or Jamaica—who wouldn’t? But in the meantime, while we weather the storms and find creative ways to fend off tapping out on the summertime snooze button, I’ll be right here, taking it easy.

Easy does it


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