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Editor’s Notes

Editors' Letter

Spring is in the air—and on our waters and across our sandy shores.

Spring is all over Cane Garden Bay and at The Baths during the day, and spilled over into our bars and restaurants at night. Spring is busying up our airports and marinas, and is occupying our villas and resorts. It’s adding life to our parties and fuel to our economy.  Spring brings the final droves of tourists, the last cool gusts of sea breezes and the final clapping breaks of surfable waves. And, like many that enjoy its bounties, I don’t want spring to go anywhere fast.
This time of the year signifies excitement and activity in the territory. Some of this month’s readers are probably visiting the BVI for our famed Spring Regatta, which turns 40 this month. Others might be kicking back, enjoying a spring break from school or work with a rum punch at Myett’s in Cane Garden Bay, or on a chartered catamaran off Virgin Gorda. Whatever the case, when spring is in the air, these islands seem a little bit happier.
It seems, however, during these busy months we often concern ourselves more with quarterly gains than we do with preserving our fragile surroundings from a heavy environmental imprint. In honour of Earth Day this year, which falls on April 22, it’s especially important for our government, residents and visitors to respect and help preserve our environment.
Writer Traci O’Dea homed in on community efforts launched to shed light on the conditions affecting Cane Garden Bay’s waters, shores and infrastructure. She delved into a 16-page proposal, authored by the Department of Conservation and Fisheries, which details a plan for the heavily traversed bay’s rehabilitation and safety. Also in Cane Garden Bay, I followed the progress of Green VI’s glass studio project, which aims to develop new ways for recycling waste here. Currently, glass is being collected from local bars and restaurants, broken down and fired up in the studio’s furnace. Their finished products are then sold to benefit the cause.
Underwater, the fight to preserve the natural environment also continues. I spoke with the folks over at CORE, a group of self-proclaimed lionfish hunters based out of St Croix. The group claims they’ve nabbed almost 1,000 of the invasive fish—either by spearing or bagging techniques—since they were first noticed in US Virgin Islands waters in 2009. BVI government agencies and dive operators are also taking measures to join the fight in our waters.  
These pages also recognize the recent measures taken locally by programmes like BVI Sailability to help youngsters in our community to overcome adversity through competitive sailing. The BVI Post Office has issued a series of stamps to commemorate the programme’s accomplishments. The stamps feature Geoff Holt, and six other disabled sailors who will attend the Special Olympics in Greece this summer to represent the BVI.
Per usual, my job also demanded that I partake in the finer aspects of Caribbean living. I was given the grand tour of Scrub Island, where the exclusive property continues to sprawl from the fine resort and marina to its coastlines and sandy beaches. I also played hooky from the office on a random Monday in March, instead opting for the luxury amenities offered at Sol y Sombra, an upscale Virgin Gorda villa that prettily sits atop Little Trunk Bay. To round off the month, I took flight with BVI Airways to Dominica, where I was given 36 hours to soak up the natural beauties and cultural delights that will undoubtedly drag me back to its lush green rainforests and sandy shores very soon.
I can’t think of a better way of celebrating Earth Day than among the beauty and bounties offered by another spring in the tropics. Enjoy this issue, and remember to…

Respect your environment.


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