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Editor's Notes

Editors' Letter

This month marks my third birthday on this tiny rock and no doubt others, and—a few gray hairs later—I haven’t skipped a beat.

I turned twenty-six at the Tamarind Club four months after moving here. At the time, the welcoming embrace of the BVI had already begun to take hold of me. I sat next to Cat Clayton—who has lived here the better part of ten years—and about a dozen other new friends as we scarfed down homemade cake over good conversation. Aside from a couple friends who have moved on, I remain close with the same pals that graciously threw me my inaugural birthday party in the BVI. I told Cat that I’d be moving on within the year. It would be time to grow up and move on by then, I told her. But it wasn’t—and it still isn’t.
Cat warned me about the BVI’s inevitable stronghold that has sucked in so many who refuse to leave. And I’m finally starting to be okay with that. This year, I won’t plan for the next big move—the next stepping stone. This year, my resolution will be to try to better enjoy where I am right now—which should be a tough task, seeing that I’m already quite smitten with this place.
At this point, I can’t imagine leaving my life and job here since both are pretty frickin’ sweet at the moment. For example, this month our buddies at BVI Airways prompted me to continue our travel series with a two-day quickie to St Martin. Of course, they didn’t have to twist my arm too much, so I hopped on the opportunity to take a weekend retreat to the naughty little island 100 miles to our east.
Last month also marked a high point in the sailing community, with numerous regattas launching off throughout the region—and we at aLookingGlass took the water by storm. Traci helmed this year’s BVI Sailing Regatta story which features our adventures on the high sea. I also caught up with the guys over at INTAC, who are responsible for sweeping the St Maarten Heineken, St Thomas Rolex and the BVI regattas, with the help of a star-studded crew, of course.
I also toured the Endymion estate which sits nestled high above Hodge’s Creek on Tortola’s east end. I took note of the poetry—embedded both in the name and native BVI stones around the beautiful property’s landscape—and came to the conclusion that the luxurious home truly does inspire the beauty that only literary genius could encapsulate.
David Blacklock, our sailing scribe and, most recently, talented tech writer, delved into the best of both worlds with an intriguing piece about high-tech gizmos that aim to turn out boats into floating tech labs. From GPS transmitters to satellite phones, it seems that you can go almost anywhere now and check your Facebook or check in on your significant others, while they, perhaps, can check in on you.
As always, we’ve aimed to bring you the best read that we can. Enjoy our magazine, and make sure to enjoy your time here—whether living or passing by—just as much as I have in my few years.



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