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Editor's Notes

Editors' Letter

March 2011
It’s hard not to like where I live, but it’s easy to  love it.

I moved to Tortola two years ago from Chicago, during a winter season that yielded a couple dozen inches of snow and about three months littered with sub-zero temperatures. I love where I come from, but I’d trade in a shovel and pair of galoshes for six-pack of Caribs and flip-flops any day.

I still remember the transitional period moving to the islands: learning to bear with the erratic crow of the rooster, the confusing flow of traffic, and adapting to some new rules, while letting go of plenty others. Overall, I’ve learned to embrace the adventure—which continues to unfold every day—while becoming addicted to a lifestyle I’ve since sunken my feet into.    
Weatherman Joey Stevens, who lives in Erie, Pennsylvania, embraces the Caribbean lifestyle, as well. In fact, he lives by it—part of the time, at least. For the past seven years, Joey has reported Caribbean weather from a small studio in northern Pennsylvania, but always makes sure to represent the tropics like he’s right here with us. He told me the story of his trusty sidekick Bob the parrot and their goal to one day broadcast live from one of the BVI’s sandy shores.
We also got our feet wet this month. Traci O’Dea, who hasn’t gone anywhere fast, jumped on the opportunity to spend two days on the open waters, learning to sail from one of the best—and one of our very own writers—David Blacklock. She was eager to share her adventures in this issue. So moved by the experience, I suppose, the aquatic newbie took it upon herself to write up a sailing cheat sheet, which etymologizes key terms for the prospective boater.
While Traci and David were busy at sea, I was preoccupied being wined and dined at Baraka Point. I thought it would be tough to write about the stunning setting, amazing service and awesome experience at the luxurious villa resort—I thought it was all said before within these pages. But, as I found out, each experience tends to be different at Baraka, and mine definitely brought its own unique frills.
I also spoke with Judy Petz, director of the BVI Spring Regatta, who gave me a peek into the past, while looking into events that will make this months 40th anniversary event a special occasion. This year, to bring back fond memories of the past, the regatta will host Squib racing—previously the one-design race of 1972. Traci was able to get an inside look at the Squibs, discovering that the core of BVI racing lies within the hulls of these small keel boats.
A new writer this month, Hugh Whistler, also gives us a historic look back at a true BVI hero, who would become the first soldier of African decent to win the distinguished Victoria Cross.
It’s a pleasure to be on board with BVI Property & Yacht, and I truly hope you enjoy your read as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.     


 Keep living the dream.

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