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Editor's Notes

Welcome to the March issue of the BVI Property Guide. Now in our first quarter of the year we stand strong in a time of economic certainty. Whilst foreclosures and recession hits the US Market we take in some salt air and breathe out some relief that at least here our economy is not as directly affected on such a rapid scale.

This issue brings you features on two amazing properties on the island of Great Camanoe. When we are on location with the realtors and photographers quite often we have a chance to meet the owners. This is an incredible insight to us as we can converse with them about the history behind their move to or off the island and their times here, or even more fascinating is the time of the owners before them. Each building has that history and it’s the fine tuning of research that will bring the details to light that even as we look at a stone wall, type of bath fitting there are bigger pictures afoot that as an island off the main island building on Camanoe was feat in itself and the test of will in the strength and character of the building.

As observers we can but wonder and marvel at what was done before and what will come to pass with these properties and the island lifestyle but as we often advocate, don’t let it all pass you by.

Happy Hunting!

Owen Waters


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