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Editor's Notes

Editors' Letter
By Traci O'Dea & Owen Waters

December 2010 & January 2011

The natural evolution of our magazine has occurred as BVI Property Guide and BVI Yacht Guide, once two separate publications then one publication under two covers, are now one magazine under one cover.

As more and more of the content between the two sides overlapped, we thought it practical to join the two publications. And now, along with property and yachting, we plan on covering everything in between that affects the lives of residents and visitors of the BVI.

In addition to examining a more in-depth approach to our lifestyles here, this issue showcases amazing properties for sale and rent, still proving the BVI to be one of the most interesting markets and targeted lifestyles in the world. The unique Fort Recovery Waterfront Villa, for sale on Tortola’s West End, is stunning inside and out with unrivalled views from a few feet above the water. In Virgin Gorda’s Nail Bay, Baraka Point rental villa offers guests luxurious surroundings and impeccable service.

As much as we revel in the BVI’s quiet summer months, our favourite time of the year is definitely the height of season, especially around the holidays when vacationing families crowd the restaurants, beaches and marinas, bolstering the lively atmosphere. Everything is open again—we can spend an evening listening to live music at The Elm in Cane Garden Bay, eat at Secret Garden in Josiah’s Bay, meet new friends on a Soggy Dollar Sunday, sip cocktails at Bar Fly and maybe finally take that trip to see writer Robb White’s former abode on Marina Cay.

Winter also means watersports—sailing, surfing, snorkelling and the sport that’s getting everyone out on the water—stand up paddling. BVI residents and visitors, young and old have taken to this sport as a way to explore the sea, exercise or catch some otherwise inaccessible waves. Our magazine continues to bring you the latest in watersports as well as the latest in ways to preserve our most precious resource and attraction—the sea.

A recent backlash against the barrage of falsely green-marketed products should not discourage those of us that embrace environmental practices as more than a fad. in the BVI, where we can see and smell the direct effects of pollution, runoff, incineration and litter, we shouldn’t consider greenliness as trendy behaviour but rather as a way to reconnect with the older island traditions of reusing scarce resources and protecting the natural landscapes and seascapes that bring the visitors back each year. Two articles in this issue discuss how to reuse waste in inventive, beneficial ways while a third article details how the new solar-powered system that Alternative Energy Systems, BVI installed at Cooper Island Beach Club harnesses the energy of the sun and sets an example that all bvi resorts should follow. By definition, green movements in the BVI are of substance, so while the world may feel duped about the overcommercialism of green products for gain, our island sees direct results of environmental efforts. Our interior design expert suggests ways to keep the holidays green by reusing materials and found objects, keeping the holidays about sharing and preserving. It's the season!


Happy Holidays!


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