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Editor's Notes

Welcome to the October issue of Property Guide.

After a hurricane, the BVI may look its worst, but the people are at their best. Neighbours share recovery tips, water for showers, refrigerator space, internet connections and fruit from downed trees. I've eaten more local limes this week than I have all year. And the bananas? They seem to be everywhere as a result of the fragile trees toppling over. I had a red one for the first time from Aragorn Dick-Read's farm in Turnbull Estate on Tortola. It was stubbier than its slim, imported yellow cousin, and it tasted heartier.

Reporter David Blacklock visited Aragorn's Good Moon Farm in Tortola and learned about the history of farming in the area—a tradition that Good Moon Farm continues by farming the land naturally and organically.

Keeping it natural is a goal of one of the BVI's most talked about developments, Oil Nut Bay, whose beach club has achieved the LEED platinum status. The luxury resort continues to inspire and trailblaze while working with local firms and persevering through the recession.

The trees may be stripped of their leaves at the moment, but a friend pointed out that it's an opportunity to see buildings you could never see before and even suggested that this would be the perfect time to take some aerial shots of the island because the foliage isn't covering everything up. We really do make the best out of what could've been a much worse situation.

When life gives you bananas…make daiquiris.

Traci O'Dea


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