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Editor’s Notes

Welcome to July’s BVI Guides. This month marks the beginning of our summer and with it the slow season, hurricane warnings, a slight increase in temperatures and very swimmable bays.

Contrary to myth, the islands do stay open all year round, and there are as many events in the summer as in the height of season. In our guides this month we wanted to harness some of that summer energy, so our guides focus on exterior decorating, outdoor living (and cooking), hurricane preparedness, travel and keeping it green.

Governor’s Point, the PG cover feature with its historic ruins, offers a delightful trip into the past while maintaining contemporary standards. Always dedicated to learning from the experts, we’ve enlisted contributions from key members of BVI architecture, design, legal and technology support.

This month also marks a transition for our team as we say fond farewells to one of our key players in the design department, Richard George. We look forward to new ventures, new looks and new opportunities to explore and produce in the future.

Do enjoy both sides of the magazine, and it is with some smiles that we present it to you in a market and lifestyle that is not necessarily as reactive as others, but still remains stable for the very reasons that define the BVI as a unique location and way of life.

Enjoy it whichever way you please.

Owen Waters

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