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Editor’s Notes

We, like you, love the water. We also take time out to look at watersports as a natural extension of what we encompass as a guide to property and yachting or, moreover, land and sea. Welcome to June, welcome to the start of summer rather than the end of the season, and have a good look at the activity going on this month.

In addition to a very caps-off BVI event, the Highland Spring HIHO, we are also extremely proud to be part of the production of a very special project, BVI Marine Awareness Guide of which we  are privy to give you a behind-the-scenes look on this educational tool for generations to enjoy. So, whilst we have been enjoying and planning to do as much as possible this summer in what has been (winch handles crossed) a hurricane-free environment for quite some time, we hope to inspire you to take up some activities, too. Good luck to all our BVI athletes this summer competing in Puerto Rico, USA, and on home turf—no doubt you will do well. And as to those competing against us, well, you haven’t quite seen anything like it. We grin to win; it’s what we do.

Enjoy a trip through a slice of watersports in this issue, and as to the next, we are very pleased to announce that the BVI Yacht Guide and BVI Property Guide are in the air, courtesy of BVI Airways. We will be bringing updates on regattas and activities across the islands as we examine our sister island destinations.

Sail fast, like you mean it.

Owen Waters

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