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Editor's Notes

 Welcome to the May issue of Property Guide!

It's the height of spring. I had to hibernate for a spell after BVI Spring Regatta, but now I'm ready to relish the season. The mango tree in front of my apartment is drooping under the weight of fruit that's changed in colour from bright green to dusty rose. On my walk to the bottom of the hill every morning, I pass hibiscus trees brandishing their red and yellow wrinkly flowers and brush up against pink and white oleander blossoms. Many of us live in the BVI for the colours. How different would our vistas be if they were in greyscale? I have a friend, a visual artist, who wants to visit the BVI simply to behold the shades of blue. He thinks all my pictures are Photoshopped.

In order to preserve the prismatic beauty of our islands, developers should be conscious of sustainable practices. PG sat down with a few of our associates from different fields to examine the issue of sustainable development in the BVI. Our informal debate barely scratched the surface of the controversial topic, but we were able to begin a lively discussion that I hope will continue over the next few months or even years.

Some additional positive practices offered in this issue include designing for longevity, modernising existing structures and updating kitchens with vibrant but useful tools. A burst of colour on the inside evokes the outdoor vistas. And during the springtime, some of those colours are even edible.

Imbibe the Islands.

Photo by Mason Marcus.

Traci O'Dea

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