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Editor's Notes

This month, I have exploited the fact that I’m no longer limited by my broken leg. Though everyone spoiled me while I had my cast and crutches, I’ve felt even more like a princess now that I can move about. First, I enjoyed a sunny morning exploring the castle-like Sterling House Villa on the beach at Little Bay. A few days later, I took a choppy but fun ride across the Channel for lunch at Cooper Island to inspect their recent upgrades. Then, my friends and I spent a pampered weekend lazing around Mooney Bay Estate in the North Sound while my relatives in Baltimore surrendered to 30 inches of snow.

This month marks my one year anniversary with aLookingGlass, and I’m content that I still discover new neighbourhoods, islands, beaches and bays and continue to be surprised by the immeasurable beauty of the BVI.

To preserve that beauty, Property Guide encourages green living in the BVI. Steve Fox from OBMI reports on the Tropical Green Building Certification Programme, a system that uses a set of guidelines to rate the environmental performance of Caribbean properties. Each month PG highlights an aspect of green living, but next month, in honour of Earth Day, we will dedicate an entire issue to eco-friendly practices in the British Virgin Islands.

Behave like royalty.

Traci O'Dea

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