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Editor's Note

For the past two months, I’ve been hobbling around the Islands with a broken leg. Thanks to the assistance of friends, co-workers, neighbours, lifeguards, taxi drivers, ferry workers and complete strangers, the crutches haven’t slowed me down too much.

Not until this month’s issue did I realize that I do have some limitations. I was slated to write an article about an upcoming development on Anegada. I spoke with the parties involved, saw maps and aerial photos of the land, perused drawings of the interiors, toggled through PowerPoint presentations and researched Anegada’s history, but I knew that I could not write a worthy cover piece without visiting the site, which would’ve involved touring the eight-acre property on foot over uneven terrain. Instead of writing the piece using the photos and information I was given, I had to pass the assignment to Owen who could visit the site in person. My decision was confirmed that evening when I attempted to capture the sunset view from a friend’s balcony in Havers. No photo I took aptly represented the 180-degree view of the conch-pink light reflecting off the clouds above the slate-blue sea.

We at Property Guide strive to vividly illustrate the real estate we review by providing our readers with written accounts of in-person property visits coupled with vibrant photography. Our reviews should entice readers to personally visit the properties because our words and pictures cannot compare to the experience of standing on the beach at Keel Point, Anegada, walking the nature trails on Peter Island or watching the stars sparkle from atop Great Camanoe.

See the BVI for yourself.

Traci O'Dea

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