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Editor’s Note

Editor's Letter

This summer, switch it up a bit.

There’s really no good reason not to take advantage of all this utopia has to offer, but sometimes things stand in the way. Silly things, like money and time and obligations. But, hey, that’s what the summer’s here for, right? In the Virgin Islands, the pace has slowed with the season, and while work still goes on for most of us, opportunities for exploration present themselves now more than ever—if you know where to look. Beaches clear out—perfect for private parties; businesses cut their rates drastically and extend special offers to residents; and free time seems to become more prominent, begging for new adventures. Break free from the norm and try something different. I say this as I admit to you that in my almost four years on island, I have yet to become SCUBA certified. It’s time for a change.

I started my summer scheduling early this year in preparation for this issue by calling numerous businesses from Anegada to St Thomas to find out who has the best deals this summer. I was also able to pin down the best closing parties on the islands—another reason for sticking around during these slow months. While your plans for summer might differ, I plan to take advantage of discounted SCUBA rates, an inexpensive villa visit with friends, and a tour through St John’s national park to finally get a glimpse of their famous petroglyphs.

Summer also seems to be a time for construction—a driving reason for many businesses to close. I questioned builders and property owners about the projects in Road Town, many of which are raising commercial developments that are fast creating a six-storey skyline for the BVI capital. I found that these are trying times for landlords, many who remain optimistic for tenants to fill their largely vacant buildings.

I was also able to cool off while reporting for this issue, during the 11th annual BVI Poker Run. To quote CNN’s Erin Burnett, a newbie as I was to the event, “It was a lot of boats, it was a lot of beers, and it was a heck of a lot of bikinis.” I admire your simple yet precise description, Erin.

Continue reading and you’ll stumble upon the work of two talented St John artists—photographer Steve Simonsen and sculptor Gail Van de Bogurt—both who have made a name for themselves as teachers and innovators. Find a shaded spot on an empty beach and enjoy this month’s issue. I hope it sparks inspiration for your next summer adventure.

Try something different.



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