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Editor's Note

Editor's Letter
August 2012

Summer is a time for celebration.

This month on Tortola, we’ll dance in the name of freedom to honour the soul rebels of the past. August is a great time for reflection; it’s a time when tourism traffic slows, but good times with close friends and family flourish. Many of us who call the Virgin Islands home use these slow summer months to plan off-island vacations. In my case, I’ll fly north for the next two weeks and reflect on my life here from afar. Many times, separation allows us to appreciate what we have. I’ll undoubtedly feel a sense of jealousy when I check the calendar and realize I’m missing things like J’Ouvert or Carnival Parade or reggae great Barrington Levy performing live at the Festival Grounds. Surely, these are some of the more obvious reasons for loving where we live.

For this issue, I was able to hop over to the less traveled sister island of Guana. Although a part of the Virgin Islands family, the nature reserve feels nothing like its bustling island neighbours. On Guana, things like busy roadways and responsibilities feel a world away.

Immediately after returning from Guana by ferry, I hopped in my ride and met up with writer Traci O’Dea and Sotheby’s agent Maritha Keil, who greeted me at the property Gryphon’s Lair overlooking Lambert Beach. From the three-bedroom residence nestled in the trees, I witnessed one of the most amazing views which encompassed my new favourite Virgin Island, Guana.

These pages also pay tribute to Roger Downing, who is responsible for more than four decades of influential architecture across the territory. The Virgin Islands lost the 72-year-old pioneer in May, but his work remains testament to his lifelong love for the Virgin Islands.

This issue gains momentum with the help of the colourful artwork of Jane Clatworthy, who recently shared with us a series of paintings that focus on the children of Carnival. Their wide-eyed gazes and innocent gestures remind us of all the little gifts we’re left to cherish this festival season.

As we move through this festive month, it’s important to reflect on everything and everyone we’re thankful for.

Make room for appreciation.


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