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Editor's Note

Sometimes when I'm in the office and on the computer for too long, I forget that I'm actually in the Caribbean. Our sleek and minimalistic, air-conditioned space hardly feels tropical though I only have to turn around to look out the window at the bougainvillea and palm trees across the street for a reminder, but I usually am so focused on the screen that I rarely take a moment to imbibe my sultry surroundings.

With a desire for an indoor space that successfully mingles metropolitan sleekness without losing the Caribbean vibe, Walkers hired interior architects at Roger Downing and Partner Co. Ltd. The designers employed the use of contrasting colours, lighting and outdoor views to accomplish the effect of international professionalism while embracing the beauty and advantages of our location.

While commercial spaces tend to err on the side of sterility, residential and vacation interiors of the BVI often exploit the paradigm of island life. Our expert from Coldwell-Banker recommends keeping this in mind when selling your home while our friends at Mooney Bay Estate in Virgin Gorda have renovated their interiors to exemplify the North Sound. An element that completes the image of Caribbean living includes the tropical, breeze-blown bedroom with four poster bed. Arawak Interiors carries the iconic beds in every style from ancient to modern.

Appreciating the beauty of these islands also means preserving them. Dr Gregor Hodgson, founder of Reef Check International, recently visited the BVI and reminded us that we have to do more than just live here. We have to protect what we love about the islands.

Remember why you're here.


Traci O'Dea

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