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Don’t Rock The Boat

While some water enthusiasts love the gentle sway of a boat on the water, others would prefer their time on the sea to be a bit more…tranquil. For some, the proverbial “motion of the ocean” can interfere with fun on the water—whether due to inner ear problems, motion sickness, or just a general dislike of undulating water. Happily, marine technology companies continue to develop innovative solutions to common boating problems, and the issue of a rocking vessel is no exception. Yacht stabilizer design has allowed mariners to gain control over a natural force that sailors have been living with for millennia, and the charter yacht industry has taken notice.

For those who are planning to charter a power yacht this year, an important question to ask your charter agent is whether or not the boat has “at rest” yacht stabilizers. These stabilizers, like those produced by market giant Seakeeper, are a testament to the technological strides made in yachting in recent years. Seakeeper has been crafting these luxury devices for seventeen years and is at the forefront of the industry. Seakeeper’s at rest stabilizers can be included in a new build, or, should an established yacht decide to take the plunge, can be retrofitted onto an older boat.

Most power yachts are equipped with stabilizers to prevent excess rolling while underway, but only a few elite charter vessels currently have Seakeeper technology moderating at-rest movement. Perpetual, uncomfortable rolling at sea can spoil an otherwise delightful anchorage, which is why choosing a yacht with at-rest stabilizers is one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting a power charter yacht.

The image of a rocking boat on the waves is ancient, so how has modern marine tech allowed us to eliminate 95% of boat roll? Seakeeper’s stabilizing technology works with a gyroscope to detect disturbances on the water. The interior of the device contains a flywheel, or gyro, that spins at speeds of up to 9,700 rpm. When the boat begins to roll, the gyro counteracts this roll, creating torque, which then stabilizes the motion of the boat. Seakeeper is fairly compact and can be retrofitted in almost any vessel from a large charter yacht to a centre console.  After startup, its limited consumption of power, minimalist design, and vacuum-sealed components make it an amazing must-have feature for the most forward-thinking charter yacht owners in the industry.


Seakeeper’s gyroscope technology eliminates several common worries about movement on the water. With stabilization, both underway and at rest, seasickness, splashing drinks, and discomfort at sea can be greatly minimized for discerning charter guests. This modern technology allows charter yacht guests the freedom to simply relax and enjoy their Caribbean vacation in comfort, without a care in the world.

Lauren Hodgins
Lauren is a crewed yacht charter broker based on St. Thomas, USVI. Working in the industry since 2004 and sailing over 8,000 nautical miles to date, Lauren now heads Caribbean Yachts International. www.CYIcharters.com
Lauren Hodgins

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