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Surprise Source Supplies Sailors: Clarence Thomas Offers Marine Line

Experienced sailors will often say that if you want to buy marine equipment, you should shop anywhere but a marine store.

Ski shops, for example, can be a great source for foul weather gear. End-of-season sales offer great bargains in waterproof leggings, jackets and full-body suits that easily rival their marine counterparts in efficiency but are often much cheaper in price. All they lack is reflective tape—an addition any sailor adept with needle and thread can easily remedy.

A similar principle applies to hardware—whilst hardware stores often stock wire and connectors and the like, they don't always stock specifically marine items, such as 12-volt bilge pumps. One exception to this rule is Clarence Thomas Ltd., which has recently added a selection of marine equipment along with the weed whackers, shower stalls and auto parts.

According to David Thomas, the store has been handling marine supplies for a long time. “When Island Marine got into the business, we stepped back a little,” Mr. Thomas told Yacht Guide, “but when they went out of business, we reintroduced our marine line.”

In addition to the items already mentioned, CTL is a good source for polypropylene and nylon line, anchor chain and cleaning supplies. Mr. Thomas took great pains to point out that CTL are no newcomer to the marine trade. “We've been supplying marine equipment for some 20 years now,” he said and added, “We've always been known for supplying the best items at the best prices.” So next time you’re picking up some drywall screws or shopping for a new faucet, check out the marine selection, and you’re likely to find something for your boat. YG

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