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Cruise Bruising

Aussies sock it to yachtie – What a fantasy it is to sail the oceans blue, master of one's fate, answering to no man.  Well, things have changed, Cappy.  Recent protests in the Caribbean may have stopped the reporting requirements being instituted by Caricom countries from being applied to cruising yachts. Not all nations are so inclined.  With all this terrorist nonsense even formerly sensible countries have gone a bit odd.  The most recent is Australia which in June 2006 instituted new reporting measures requiring that the master of an arriving vessel must provide notice of intended arrival 96 hours prior to showing up.

Sail World recently reported that James Manzari, an American sailor, was levied fines of $19,000 for giving only 48 hours' notice of his arrival from New Caledonia.  He called on his VHF rather than the using required fax, e-mail or telephone.  Not so easy when at sea on a small yacht. Thus is the world made safer.


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